360 Cashmere

Launched in 2009 by Leslie & Bruce Gifford, 360 Cashmere is a women's contemporary knitwear brand inspired by the family's New York upbringing and West Coast lifestyle.

Enza Costa

Created in 2007, Enza Costa is known for her impeccably cut t-shirts made from the most touchable fabrics. Everything is made in LA with fabrics imported from Italy, Japan & California.  

Pam & Gela

These Cali girls, Pam & Gela, created a brand that is sexy, edgy, ripped, zipped and insanely soft, making everyday style a little more elevated. Known for their perfect tees, track outfits & sweats. 


Co-designers Cathryn Forth & Julie Ritorto joined forces with a goal to create a brand that is "A rebel against cookie- cutter design and to bring the design process back to its fundamentally tactile roots".  Each piece is meticulously constructed with an organic sculpture shape. 


Creative director, Stephanie Von Watzdorf used her artistic & global heritage to create a brand that is inspired by a passion for travel & desire to highlight the talents of artisans around the world. She designed a collection that carries ready-to-wear clothes, handbags, jewelry, & shoes.


Jeff Abrams, a Los Angeles native, founded Rails in 2008. He set out to create a brand that blends casual & comfort with a sleek sophistication. It is a lifestyle brand that is known for its classic silhouettes &
luxurious, premium fabrics.


A.L.C is a brand that is defined by its strong sense of style, a mix of references & soulful connections. Each product is produced with designer quality at a contemporary price. 


In 2005 Arik & Laurent Bitton created Iro, a bold brand that represents a female & modern silhouette which is a blend of luxury & casual look. The brand aims at promoting its excellent quality & design. 


Created over sunset cocktails in Goa, Phoebe Vickers & Purna khatau developed the idea for a collection designed to be a complete vacation wardrobe.They use exquisite fabrics, rich colors & hand-crafted embellishments. As they say "Throw on a kaftan and relax."


Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars, creators of AMO, had the objective to create the perfect pair of jeans designed by women who get it. AMO is the latin root for love which is fitting for how the founders feel about denim. AMO is known for its comfortableness & timeless look.  


In 2014 Ilana Kugel launched Koral, a collection of edgy & feminine silhouettes made from a signature line of high-tech fabric. The luxe-athleisure pieces are meant to make you feel luxurious & look effortless.

Ronny Kobo

Ronny Kobo is a contemporary women's fashion line that is celebrated for its exotic prints, flattering silhouettes & fashion-forward novelty knitwear. Ronny Kobo launched her line in 2009 which has since expanded into a lifestyle brand. 

Anine Bing

Anine Bing launched in Los Angeles in 2012. The line is inspired by Scandinavian heritage and American Spirit. Anine Bing brings current but timeless luxury staple pieces & wardrobe basics.


Inspired by a beautifully tailored outfit Kate Ciepluch launched Laveer in NYC. Laveer started off a as line of blazers and has since developed into a line of tailored separates to make for an effortlessly elevated look.


In 2014 creative director and co-founder Jillian Shatken launched Saylor. She was inspired by the female-centric LA fashion scene and decided to give her own thing a go. Her main objective is to celebrate other women through her pieces.  


In Sydney, Australia 15 years ago, Camilla Franks created CAMILLA, a vibrant, bohemian lifestyle brand. Camilla's prints are inspired by her travels around the world. Each piece is hand-cut, with each crystal delicately placed.

Marissa Webb

Launched in 2013 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Marissa Webb presented a fiercely feminine look with a masculine & edgy look. Catering to the modern women who appreciates timeless fashion while maintaining confidence. 


Smythe is a ready-to-wear, versatile & timeless line created by Andrea Lenczner & Christine Smythe. The line can be described by the co-founders as "modern and emotional". 

Clare V.

What started off as just laptop cases in 2008 has evolved into a line that produces a full range of handbags, accessories & shoes. Clare was and still is inspired by France & each collection has a hint of that inspiration with a signature element. 


Founded in 2010 by Lela Becker & Tim Kaeding, Mother is a 70's inspired denim brand. Famous for its most exquisite & ultra soft fabrics & its unique indie spirit. Mother has grown into a lifestyle brand that try's to not take herself too seriously.

Trina Turk

Trina Turk is a women's contemporary line that was launched in 1995 by Trina Turk. The brand was inspired by the Golden States multicultural mix, creativity & architecture. Each collection features bold signature prints with dynamic hues.


Inspired by "living in the moment" & her love for music, Laura Glover founded Daydreamer after saying yes and moving to LA. Each item is thoughtfully and soulfully made from ultra soft fabrics, perfect cuts & electrifying graphics.

Native Gem

Founder Amanda Ezra's goal was to fill the gap between cheap lead-based jewelry & ultra expensive fine jewelry. She designed a jewelry brand that was inspired by the earth's natural gifts: rare stones. Each jewelry piece is maticulously designed using hypo-allergenic lead, cadmium free metals, 14K gold fill, vermeil & sterling silver.

Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a diverse brand that thrives in the in-between. With its wild, free & rock fueled wardrobe essentials it is redefining modern femininity. Founder Thierry Gillier & art director Cecilia Bonstrom aim to tell a story rather than following the trend with each piece.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby

Derek Lam launched Derek Lam 10 Crosby in New York City in 2011. Keeping his core principles in mind, "clothing of value & integrity of design", he designed an urban line for women that can carry her through every aspect of life. With each design comes a sense of style & an exciting twist.


Established in 2008, NUX is at the epicenter of activewear brands with their advanced Italian knitting technology. Each unique style is produced in the highest quality that hugs the body in all the right places. No matter if you are on or off the mat, in & out of the gym, at home or on the go you will be sure to confidently standout wearing NUX.


This California lifestyle brand with a french attitude was launched in 2008. The California based label continues to perfect its voice among the fashion industry by providing women with a feminine versatile wardrobe that is elegant and chic. L'agence is known for its easy-to-wear fashion staples & timeless read-to-wear wardrobe essentials. 


Starting in 2011 Anthony Thomas Melilo set out to create the perfect t-shirt which then developed into a full lifestyle brand of luxurious sportswear brand for men & women. All pieces are manufactured in Peru from the finest fabrics including cotton, cashmere & silk. 


Delfi is a Los Angeles brand designed by two friends. The name Delfi was inspired by the famous gown & the revolution it created. Everything is created & manufactured in the city the designers love & call home, LA. 

Loeffler Randall

Loeffler Randall was founded in 2005 and is a brand that carries shoes & handbags. Each piece is expertly crafted with raw materials like leather from Italy & wool hand-woven by women in Bolivia. LR is inspired by people, places, colors, materials & textures from across the globe. 


Ohad Seroya & Aviad Klin, creators of Retrofete were inspired by the couture of a nostalgic time. They decided to combine their creativity & develop a line of items that rekindles the flame that consumed the dance floors during the era of funk, sex & rock & roll. Retrofete designs present an array of voluminous draping, & beaded & sequined looks. Welcome to the party!


Founder Matthieu Leblan was inspired by his upbringing in the French Mediterranean town of Aix. Throughout his life he has been surrounded by water & art which led him to Venice Beach California where he started Sundry. Sundry can be described as a coastal casual style with a hint of French chic. Above anything, color, quality & the softest touch fabric are what keep one in great spirits. 


Trave is a denim brand that has a goal of designing and creating the perfect pair of jeans. Each item is thoroughly studied before the first stitch. From fit to construction, Trave is uncompromising when it comes to creating their pieces. With the vintage inspired washes, enduring silhouettes & authentic design details, Trave hopes to maintain a permanent place in your closet as the foundation of a modern wardrobe. 

Electric & Rose

This active-wear lifestyle brand got its name from two famous streets in Venice Beach, where the brand was first created. The name Electric & Rose is a reminder of who they are (creators, Eric & Erin) & what they strive to be. Their motto #time2live, is what they hope the brand reflects & is a reflection of the community they hope to share with the public. Each item is authentically inspired by Eric & Erin's adventures. 

Replica Los Angeles

The Los Angeles brand is inspired by a photo of David Bowie, Iggy Pop & Lou Reed taken by photographer, Mick Rock. The designer of Replica, Natialie Saphier, discovered that photo which led her to design a collection of sweater & 70's inspired rock t-shirts. Each Replica piece incorporates musical influence from, glam rock, punk to Jamaican ska along with a love for seminal 70's London boutique./brands that includes vibrant and playful colors.


Founder Saloni Lodha launched Saloni in 2011 on the foundation that she wanted to create a brand that would blend her rich heritage with the global, peripatetic life she was living. Since its launch, Saloni has garnered a loyal following who come to her for exciting color, cut and collections that are exotic, feminine & playful. 


Creator Lissa Thoeny is a  fashion designer and stylist out of Los Angeles. She is inspired by beach-side culture & an easy-living lifestyle. Through her inspirations she has created her own brand, Aquarius Cocktail. Her love for a simple tee with causal attitude is what defines AQC. Each silhouette is simple but carefully crafted & perfect for layering over any existing wardrobe pieces.  

Cinq a Sept

Cinq a Sept: The time between late afternoon & early evening when streets are awash in the warm glow of the vanishing sun & anything is possible. This contemporary collection is inspired by the hours between 5 & 7 p.m., when office desks are abandoned for cocktails. The brand embodies the balance between sophistication & ease, youthful daring & confident allure. Each silhouette is romantic, sexy & has unexpected details. 

Veronica Beard

Sisters-in law who are married to brothers bonded over a love for fashion & were inspired to create Veronica Beard. VB is a brand that is designed by women for women. The Veronica's mission is to create something that is inclusive for all women & makes them feel confident every single day. They design pieces that are sharp, bold & professional. Their motto is "Look good, feel good & do what you love."

Modern Mood

Monica and Michelle share a mutual love for jewelry and people which is what has led them to design their own line of jewelry, Modern Mood. The Modern Mood founders focus on designing jewelry that is eco-conscious and skin allergy-conscious. They hope to deliver classy, timeless pieces to their customers that are effortlessly fashionable yet simple and easy to wear.


This Los Angles born brand is inspired by the finest fabrics to create easy, stylish staples that compliment every women's wardrobe. This lux-leisure brand is defined by its timeless, casual pieces such as their Super Soft Camo Sweats and Crepe Jumpsuits. Monrow is known for its uncomplicated fashion pieces that, with one look you know you need.


Founded in 2009 in Melbourne, Nicholas instantly became a top hit for their easy to wear style. Founded on the idea of providing pieces that are clean with subtle detailing and a bold color pallet. With an intense eye for detail each piece is designed to be easily recognizable. 


This "All-American girl" New York based brand is inspired by European travels and re-imagining"Preppy Chic."  Each collection is meticulously edited and focuses on casual textiles such as plaid, stripes, and cotton.  Petersyn is an American style brand with a dash of European flare, and a sexier version of pretty-meets-refined.


Committed to designing only the most iconic and luxury outwear through contemporary and modern features, SAM creates jackets, vests and beanies that will last a lifetime. These silhouettes are created from only the highest quality of fabrics and are wind and water resistant perfect for both metropolitan and outdoor lifestyles. Aside from being functional each piece is stylish and on trend with each season. 


Eco-friendly Australian brand that is designed for women who are always on the run but enjoy being comfortable and love clothing to be "naturally in-tune with their body." Travelling...? Wyse is your go-to brand, known for being super compact and effortlessly stylish. Each piece is made from beachwood making all clothing biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

Alexis Bittar

Founded in 2010 by Alexis Bittar, who sought out to design a jewelry collection that was elegant yet bold. Each piece is strategically crafted to reflect the idea that the pieces are to be viewed as collectibles and modern heirlooms that will stand the test of time and trends. Each luxurious item features many designs with semi-precious stones. 

Label & Thread

Founders of Label & Thread, Catrin & Theresa were inspired by patters, colors & artistry from around the world. They wanted to create a brand that represented craftsmanship & design. Each silhouette is developed from natural fabrics such as, cashmere, cotton & wool. Catrin & Theresa hope to bring a smile to your face by delivering pieces with artisinal touches, hand stitches pops of color and unexpected details. 


Inspired by the downtown streets of LA & the runways in Paris, founder Grace Na created Pistola. This denim brand was born out of a desire to change the denim game. Pistola combines top quality materials with perfect fits and prices that are not completely insane to deliver the best pair of denim that will last through every season. Each style starts out in world's best denim mills and then obsessed over for every fit, wash and detail. 


Kinly is a clothing brand all about delivering pieces that have been thoroughly thought out and allow you to express yourself in the moment. Inspired by powerhouse female relationships, Kinly is a brand that is a blend of mutual support, experience, integrity and respect. Kinly is defined by its ultra soft materials and laid-back silhouettes. 


Los Angeles based denim brand that is influenced by the classics and today's emerging artists & creators. Each silhouette is meticulously designed bringing customers authenticity & rarity. Created from only the most innovative fabrics that are sourced from around the world to provide that best pair of denim.


Arizona based brand that creates customized shoes by taking a classic shoe & adding a creative touch to it. Each collection contains a variety of different designer prints that are applied to the shoe. The designer prints range from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi & Goyard.

Janessa Leone

Elevated accessory brand that is based out of Los Angeles, California. Each hat is handmade by using established techniques that result in pieces that are effortlessly contemporary. This millennial brand is created from the softest fabrics that are sustainable. Each silhouette is carefully thought out leaving the customer with a timeless product. 

Rebecca Vallance

Launched in 2011 this Australian based brand is defined by its structured tailoring & alluring silhouettes. This globally inspired brand has gained a dedicated and loyal following since its launch in 2011, because of its unique luxurious fabrics and amazing fits. 


Created on the foundation of being most #likely to win best dressed this Los Angeles based brand designed silhouettes that will get you through some of the biggest moments of your life without hurting your wallet. From form-fitting and flowy dresses to on trend tops and sets Likely has you covered for your next job interview, prom, sorority rush and more. This is for the girl most #likely to have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear."

Paula Rosen

Based out of Venice, California this high contemporary jewelry brand features quality pieces ranging from chunky necklaces to delicate rings. Each piece has a unique touch that sets it apart from any other jewelry design. Every design is meticulously created from silver, gold or rose gold metals & either real diamonds or spinel stones to make for a quality and luxurious final product. 

Birgitte Herskind

A Copenhagen based brand, Birgitte Herskind perfectly balances cool detail with classic silhouettes. The Scandinavian brand was founded in 2013, and is known for its minimalist yet playful pieces and innovative prints. Each piece has a simple elegance mixed with a modernly chic touch that allows you to easily dress it up or down depending on your occasion!

Le Superbe

Southern California based brand that has that cool-girl Cali vibe mixed with fun and stylish silhouettes that can easily transition from day to night. With their array of trendy styles there is definitely something for everyone. Whether you're headed to brunch or a GNO , Le Superbe has got you covered!

Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird is a self-taught jewelry designer that has created a line that she says, is an extension of herself. The self-taught designer has found this journey to be the most intuitive, and effortless process she has ever known. She is committed to her personal philosophy which is that the market does not need more soulless, poorly made or over-priced fashion jewelry. With that, Jenny Bird has set out to design a line that is created at the highest quality and sold at a fair price.

Ampersand As Apostrophe

Jessica Park a Detroit native and now New York City-based designer launched Ampersand As Apostrophe based on the inspiration of taking something conventional and transforming it in a totally unconventional way. This line of handbags is unique because its about not trying to make something new, instead it is about refining what already exists. The very first line of bags were created from 100-year old mail bags, turned to shoulder bags that doubled as clutches and tripled as anything else you need.


Kerry O'brien, founder of Commando was inspired by her three sisters and close group of girlfriends to create undergarments that make women feel and look fabulous! Commando has everything from the perfect fit to the most luxurious fabrics. O'brien says" Each Commando made is designed to make every women love getting dresses." 

JJ Winters

Born in the spring of 2004, JJ Winters is a brand that is inspired by western style that pays tribute to the past and present. From their cross-bodies that encourage you to look on westward to sophisticated all leather totes that lend a modern touch to the brand. With JJ Winters there is something for everyone. This boho-chic accessories brand has become a staple in today's fashion market. 


Founded in 2012 by third generation leather tanners, LAMARQUE specializes in luxurious and elevated leather goods and contemporary garments. The brands trademark "effortlessly chic" is inspired by the iconic Perfecto. LAMARQUE specializes in creating timeless silhouettes mixed with contemporary trends, colors and cuts. 


Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos met years ago and bonded over their shared love for t-shirts, public libraries, image collecting, and graphic design. Together they created Monogram a brand that allows you to wear your most beloved t-shirt while sharing your love for graphics. Allow your shirt to showcase your personality with all the different sayings and graphics offered from Monogram. 

Nickho Rey

Created in 2016 by bi-coastal designer, JesseRay Vasquez mixed the two worlds of fine and fashion jewelry thus creating Demi-Fine jewelry. His signature pieces are the Pave Hoops and his materials of choice are Rose Gold, Black Diamonds,Crystals and Spinel. You can find pieces that are perfect for going out, day-to-day wear and anything in between.


Born in Newport Beach, CA, Pirette is a beauty line that is inspired by the beach towns atmosphere. Created with a unique artisanal scent that embodies the surf culture featuring surf wax, coconut, and sunscreen. Be ready to feel like you are laying out on the sand watching the waves crash when wearing any Pirette scent.

Teal Market

Local jewelry designer set out to create Teal Market, a brand that is the cherry on top with a pop of color, and bold statement designs. Inspired by art, fashion, travel and architecture, the designer is always looking for the next thing to help bring a smile to her customers face. Teal Market is here to help you live bright and be loud!

Ulla Johnson

Born in 1998 out of Manhattan, Ulla Johnson, is brand that is inspired by the designers signature style through the streets of New York as well as her family's travels throughout the world. Each piece comes with custom prints, delicate embroideries, and fine tailoring that have all contributed to the loyal customer following that Ulla Johnson has gained over the years.


Inspired by its Southern California origins, NSF provides a modern expression of American style rich with textural detailing & sexy boyish charm. Founded in 2005 by Nick Friedberg NSF has earned its loyal following for its clean aesthetic, understated cool and eminently wardrobe collections. NSF blends a relevant and directional attitude with soft comfort.

Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor brings colorful confidence to your wardrobe through the artful use of color and original prints. Every print is hand painted in their New York design studio & is imbued with personal meaning & story telling. 

Voski By JN

Launched in 2018 Voski By JN is a jewelry brand that is inspired by the women around her. Voski By JN was created to provide effortlessly chic pieces that could be layered and paired with everyday pieces. Crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to look uniquely you and easily take you from day to night.


Founded in 1976, Equipment gains its inspiration from Pairs & unparalleled french sophistication. This effortlessly chic brand stays true to it heritage with classic nonchalant European undertones. From its timeless and innovative styles the collection also lends sexiness in the form of lux fabrics & unexpected details with modern silhouettes. .


Always on the go & ready for an adventure Temma Dahan-Newman, designer of 9Seed truly lives in her own world. Her resort-wear brand is designed with the woman who loves to travel around the globe finding the most luxurious spots while looking effortlessly chic. The simple silhouettes are inspired by exotic locals- the early morning dawn in Tulum, the afternoon surf breaks in Montauk and the sunset waves in Malibu. Each piece easily transfers from daytime to dinner-ready with the addition of sexy sandals & shinning jewels.

Adina Reyter

The Adina Reyter brand is founded on five main principles, happiness, optimism, strength, thoughtfulness, and possibilities. The AR brand is founded on the idea that happiness is a choice we make everyday. Beautifully designed jewelry, at a transparent price point, meant to be worn today and forever is something to be happy about. Jewelry, unlike any other form of fashion, carries meaning. And, Adina Reyter jewelry is significant because it is a constant reminder of the good and the meaningful in each of our lives

Golden Sun

Created in Manhattan beach, California, Golden Sun is a new concept of travel-inspired cashmere sweaters, resort wear and beach fashion items, and accessories. We want you to feel like you are on a vacation every day, whether you on a staycation or escaping to an exotic island.

Solid & Striped

Solid & Striped is swimwear & après swim made from the finest globally sourced fabrics, guided by a desire for everlasting holidays and classic style. Timeless swimwear, apparel, and accessories for women and men. A collection for everything under the sun.


Varley draws inspiration from both to create collections that are highly technical in nature with an elevated yet understated aesthetic. They pride ourselves on creating product that women will come back to time and time again. For them the form and function of each piece has to support the modern day multi-tasking lifestyle. The modern woman is constantly on the go and she needs a wardrobe that can keep up. Mindfully crafted, their pieces sit on the crosswalk of style and comfort, taking her from the plane, to the gym, to a meeting, and everywhere in between. They design timeless classics that remain fresh and attuned to every season and trend, delivering sophisticated layered looks to enhance your most empowered and confident self. As our women continue to grow, so do they. 

John Elliott

John Elliott was formed in the Spring of 2012 as a concept with two best friends. They delivered their first season in the spring of 2013. This life long passion project is the result of solving wardrobe problems. Starting with basic categories and focusing on creating functional yet modern fits with with unique fabrics.


ROAM started with a need and notice of a void in the market for an exceptionally made, supportive, cool and fashionable shoe.
Being a lifelong avid athlete, sport adventurer, and ROAMER - I have always enjoyed a versatile and very active life. I raised my daughter this same way. I also have had the great privilege of owning a fashion company that has continued to help build some of the most significant brands in the contemporary and young designer market . I always searched for a cool comfortable, affordable fashion shoe that could be versatile and would take me from a yoga or boxing class to work or a meeting, walking my dog to dropping my daughter off, or getting off the mountains from a hike or climb and going to dinner, or at the beach in Hawaii after a surf or hike and grabbing a healthy snack.

Black Score

Here you will find some of the finest t-shirts known to man. everything here is hand printed and made with love. Black Score features unique graphics combining some of the most iconic ideas and people

Hunter Bell

In her pursuit to design romantic, playful silhouettes that radiate beauty, Hunter Bell wants women to feel confident and empowered to have fun with fashion. This brand is all about creating sophisticated, feminine clothing for the individualist. they give women the confidence to define their own fashion in intricate fabrics and styles that are unique. Each piece is undeniably authentic with detailed craftsmanship and exceptional wearability.